Asha is a niece of Mrs. McKenzie nee Choppa, a lady who the sleepover club know and Laura "kenny" McKenzie's cousin she is comes in the book 35 of sleepover club named Sari Sleepover so what happened was When feisty Asha from India for a month with bonfire night and Diwall ( a Indian Celebration).

Early Life

Asha was born in Delhi, India in a 8 bedrooms house with her mum and when she was eight her mother sends her to Leicester, England to stay with her auntie for a month because she was naughty and if she naughty in Leicester her mother could send her to boarding school when she got back to India we don't know what happened to Asha at the end of book thirty-five of sleepover club.


Mother- some indian girl

Father- some indian boy

Brother/Sister/ None - comment 

Uncle- Mr. Mckenzie

Auntie- Mrs. McKenzie nee Choppa

Cousin - Laura " Kenny" McKenzie


Francessa " Frankie" Thomas




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