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Blast From the Past

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Rachel Watson,Monique Williams, Emmanuelle Bains,Morgan Griffin and Katie Nazer-Hennings

Also Starring:

Julia O'Connor and Ruby Hall

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The Haunting

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Blast From the Past is an episode of the Sleepover Club and it is the thirty-fifth episode of the second series. In the episode, Tayla gets bad marks and falling miserably in the history class. The SOC lead by Charlie must get her to study more and more history or her family says that Tayla will be moving to another school named St.Anne's.

During this, the Blockheads & Krystal copied each other which the teacher results a bad mark situation after they were handling the subject on gods from a contacted student from the Blockheads in Seaview College but to please everyone, Tayla & the SOC performed the part of Cleoparta and Mark Antony in class which made Tayla very impressed of getting good marks.