Portrayed By:

Caitlin Stasey

First Appearance:

Perfect Match

Last Appearance:

What Are Friends For?


David Thomas (Father)
Helena Thomas (Mother)
Victoria Thomas (Sister)
Bryce Anderson (Uncle)
Eleanor Anderson (Aunt)
Charlotte Anderson (Cousin)

Episodes Presented:

Perfect Match
Beach Hut
Car Wash
Outdoor Trip
The Winning Ticket
What Are Friends For?

Favorite Color:






Francesca "Frankie" Thomas (Caitlin Stasey) is the leader of the first generation of The Sleepover Club.

Her full name is Francesca, but she states that: "Funny thing is, Francesca Thomas never feels like me. I'm Frankie. Francesca Thomas is some girl who gets into trouble all the time. Actually, she should really get her act together."

Her ambition in life is to become a famous actress.

Although a great friend to the girls, her bossiness becomes an issue on more than one occasion. Among the girls of the Sleepover Club, her best and oldest friend is Kenny. She has a secret and big crush on the leader of the M&M: Matthew. She has a dog called Megs.

Frankie's cooking is horrendous.

Physical aspects

Frankie is pretty small, has dark-pale skin and brown eyes and hair. She is a girl who doesn't like to dress up.


  • Father: Mr. Thomas
  • Mother: Helena Thomas
  • unborn sister
  • Cousin: Charlie Anderson
  • Aunt: Ellie Anderson
  • Uncle: Mr. Anderson

Narrated Episodes

She appears in every episode of the first season and in the first episode of the second season as Guest Star. 

Frankie tells the viewers the club's adventures in most of the episodes and is also the only one of the original Sleepover Club to appear in the second season, though only in the first episode.

The episodes in which she acts as a narrator are the following:

First Season

  • Perfect Match (1x01)
  • Beach Hut (1x03)
  • Car Wash (1x11)
  • Outdoor Trip (1x12)
  • The Winning Ticket (1x20)
  • Graffiti (1x25)

Second Season

  • What Are Friends For? (2x01 - as Guest Star)
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