Tropicana Sunrise
The Sleepover Club 2

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Morgan Griffin
Rachel Watson
Katie Nazer-Hennings
Emmanuelle Bains
Monique Williams

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There is a baking competition in school and Brooke's cake looks set to win. However after their break, they come back into class to find it has gone missing and Brooke is determined to find out who is responsible.

The Case of the Missing Cake

The SOC started their crime scene at Seaview College. They have four witnesses for their scene of this horrific case on a whiteboard with the photos of each witness.

First of all, Charlie and Jess interviews Krystal which she was sent home from school following an incident with one of her legs. Then Jess and Tayla interview Jason Block, the leader of the Blockheads and the winner for the baking a cake competition and his assistant, Declan about the case which the two boys were somewhere during the incident of the missing cake.

The SOC's only witness is Caitlin, Krystal's assistant which the society had to snatch her while Krystal is distracted in her mind. Caitlin tells the SOC that she was outside at lunch, doing playground duty by picking up the garbage into a bin but Brooke, the head detective of the case tells the rest of the SOC thinking it was their fault and turns out a failure.

At the end, it was Mr. Benson's dog who ate Brooke's cake which the hair of his pet wasn't brown but it was black, while Mr. Benson forgets to close the cooking class door.

Plans for the Sleepover Club

Since Brooke's cake is gone, the SOC sets an interviewing case to four witnesses and providing the plans of what is going on during this case.

The SOC planned a few things:

  • Charlie distracts Krystal while Jess gives some interrogation to her.
  • Tayla and Jess must take Jason Block's and Declan's hair.
  • The girls must snatch Caitlin from Krystal into saying about the crime scene.